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We are looking for an Image Creator, which can create any type of image as per our requirements. Must be an expert in all types of AI and Photo Editing Tools. Which can create a modified image of a car, bike or any human.

  • One should be expert in creating photoshop images.
  • One should be able to create AI modified version image of any type of car.
  • Must be expert in Image Creating/Editing tools
  • It is mandatory for the computer to be a desktop or laptop.
  • There should be arrangements for suitable internet.
  • There should be a creative mindset which can create an image by understanding the requirements.
  • Must be passionate in the field of adobe photoshop tools and image editing.


We need a Hindi content writer who has experience in WordPress, Rankmath, SEO optimize content writing. Candidate should be able to write reader friendly and Google friendly content on any given topic existing/non-existing on the internet.

  • Must have 2 to 3 years of blogging content writing experience
  • SEO should have knowledge of Keyword research, Placement and On page optimization.
  • Must have experience with Google Search.
  • One should have knowledge about all the important things related to Content Writing like trending content, evergreen content, content marketing,
  • Must have knowledge of WordPress dashboard and content publishing.
  • One should know how to optimize content using Rankmath.


We need a candidate who has knowledge about video topic research, scripting, video making and editing. The candidate should be able to create and edit videos by doing research on the given topic.

  • Must know how to do video content research.
  • Must have knowledge about video editing.
  • Must have knowledge about tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and VN.
  • Must have knowledge about camera and video shooting
  • Must be able to face the camera.
  • Must have basic knowledge about YouTube and it

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