Kolkata FF Result

APRIL 2020

Kolkata FF result – Fatafat result

As we all of aware with matka game. Like this game Kolkata FF is also played in West Bengal. More than 5 million people play the game and earn a good amount of money. People of West Bengal knows very well about this game. Here we will discuss about this game like how to play, how to find result, how to earn profit etc. In the below of this page you will find KolkataFF Result and some other important details about the game.

As we all know that this is played 8 times a day. You can play the game 8 times in a single day from Monday to Saturday. On Sundays it is played 4 times. Also the company publish Kolkata FF Result Online 8 times in a single day. People also know it Kolkata FF for fun, KolkataFF satta king, Kolkata Fatafat Old Result etc.

APRIL 2020
Date1 Bazi2 Bazi3 Bazi4 Bazi5 Bazi6 Bazi7 Bazi8 Bazi
1 April 2020
2 April 2020
3 April 2020
4 April 2020
5 April 2020

From some previous months the company has started the game online. In the past it is played in offline mode. But today it has also played in online mode. And you can also check Kolkata fatafat Result online. You can also play the offline. It depends on you in what mode you want to play the game.

 In online mode you have to install an application that you can download from the below. Then you can play it in online mode from home and also check Kolkata FF Online Result in that application sitting at your home. We also provide KolkataFF Old results. So visit this portal to check your old and latest game result. This portal provides only the result of this fun game.

Kolkata FF fatafat result live

Kolkata FF Satta game is the biggest and most playing game all over the country. Not only the people of west Bengal play the game but also other state’s people play it very well. This game is illegal. But millions of people play the game and earn prespecified reward. This game is also like Satta game.

If you become successful to guess the correct number then it means you have won a big amount of money. If not, then you have lost all the money. We only provide Kolkata FF Fatafat Result on this portal. One more thing this game played 8 times a day and also updates 8 times result. After playing the game everyone who has invested their money will become curious about their result. So they search their result. And this portal is the best one for your Kolkata FF Fun Result 2020.

Kolkata FataFat winning tips

There are a large number of people on the YouTube who will make promise to provide the exact number. But there is no one who can tell the exact number. So never believe on such persons who will make fake promise and left you in a great loss. This game is completely based on luck and your own intellect. With the help of Kolkata FF Old Results you can make some estimates about the upcoming number. And then left it on your luck.

If you are lucky and become successful to guess the exact number then this game is going to make your life. Because there is a lot of money after winning it. Also it depends on your invested amount. Today this game is spreading all over the country very fastly. And mostly people now use to play it through online mode. Also you can download this game application and enjoy it from your home.

How to find Kolkata FF today result

Here is a very few steps which will help you to find out your game result. Let us have a look on these steps one by one.

  • At first you have to open this portal.
  • Now on the home page of this portal find out your today game bazi.
  • Then verify the number below that.
  • If it matches with your number then you have won the game. 
1 Bazi10 : 30 am 
2 Bazi12:00 pm
3 Bazi01:30 pm
4 Bazi03:00 pm
5 Bazi04:30 pm
6 Bazi06:00 pm
7 Bazi07:30 pm
8 Bazi09:00 pm

Kolkata FF old result

On the home page of this portal you will find a large record table of the results. In this table you will become able to find out KolkataFF Old Results of previous days. If you want to check any specific month or day result then simply scroll the page down and in the table find out that day. Now you can see all the results of that day in the table.

It’s a fun game and people play this game according to their desire. No one force anyone to play this game. The main reason of playing this game is poverty. Mostly people of Kolkata don’t have enough money to survive in such a big city at a very low earnings. So some amount of money whatever they earn put on this game and test their luck.

Kolkata FF online result

As we all are aware that this game is illegal in west Bengal. Yet millions of people play this game. In the past this game is played in offline mode. But today with the great progress of internet this game is also played in online mode.

Now you can play it through the downloaded application and also check your Kolkata Fun Result Online sitting at your home. One more reason of playing this online is that people think that there is less chance of getting caught by police in online mode. But we want to aware such people that there is also same chances of being caught by the police or mob.

Kolkata FF today live khel result

As we have earlier discussed that this game is based on guessing numbers. There is no trick which can tell you about the upcoming result. Not available on any online site or any you tube channel.

So don’t believe such people who make promises to give you exact numbers. You can easily check KolkataFF Khel Result on this portal daily first of all. For that you have to just follow the above discussed some easy steps and find out your Kolkata FF result.